Can I do my own home inspection?

Can I do my own home inspection

So when you ask your self can I do my own home inspection, yes, of course you can do your own home inspection. Having said that please let us explain why we don’t think its such a good idea. There are endless books and articles on how to save money and do your own home inspection. They usually recommend that you get a few tools that you can find at your local hardware store, then follow their step by step instructions to inspect your potential home purchase. And you can expect to both be educated and find some things that need repair in the house you are inspecting. So if you follow these steps and decide the answer to can I do my own home inspection is yes and decide to do so, than it could leed to one of the worst financial decisions of your life.

Unfortunately, books will not help you find every potential issue with a house, including often the most critical or financially devastating defects, that can make or break your home purchase. Some of the biggest defects are not right there in your face, but may present themselves as a clue. In other words, they are subtle and may appear as something to be examined or investigated further. Even more difficult for the home buyers inspector are the things that are defects because they are missing, simply not there. If the problem exists because something is missing, this is when a professional would be necessary to realize the issue even exists.

Professional home inspectors have an advantage over the average home buyer inspector for two reasons. The first one is obvious, after doing thousands of home inspections, the depth of their experience and knowledge of home construction means they can process all the visual data of a house faster and more efficiently than a average person. They know what to look for and have a mental catalog of the recurring problems common for each neighborhood or style house.

The second reason may not be so obvious. Your licensed home inspector is not buying the house. The inspector is not excited about the home and looking forward to moving in or picturing his family growing up in the home. As a home buyer, it’s hard to stay emotionally detached while you are examining a house. Thoughts of furniture layout, color schemes, and what a great deal you’re getting will always be in the back of your mind while you are trying to focus on finding the home’s defects, no matter how hard you try to push them out. It’s easier to miss something because you like the house and want the inspection to go well. The home inspector is completely detached, just doing his or her job. And that’s a big advantage.

So, we think the answer to can I do my own home inspection is NO, doing your own home inspection is not a great idea and recommend hiring a professional home inspector. But there are a number of things you can look for in your first walk-though of a house as a kind of “pre-inspection.” They are simple, require no tools other than a small flashlight, and can serve you as a baseline standard to help you decide which homes are not even worthy of an offer. The flashlight comes in handy for the dark corners in every home, and is a necessity if you are looking at a foreclosure with the power turned off. You should be looking for settlement cracks in the foundation and or exterior walls. Also look for signs of water damage or active leaks, as these issue will often involve mold or reason to test for mold. Electrical wiring that may look hazardous or even just simple signs that renovations or additions may have been done unprofessionally and as a home buyer you can contact the local building department to see if permits were pulled if you know major work was done. Those tips can save you hundreds of dollars on a unnecessary home inspection. At the end of the day, do not forget why you should get a home inspection.

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