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Why Get A Home Inspection

Why Get A Home Inspection

Purchasing a new home is one of the largest investments most people will make in their lifetime. The process of buying a home is an exciting and fun time but is also very emotional and most of the time stressful. This emphasizes the need for an unbiased, third party home inspection which can bring perspective and peace of mind to the process. A well trained, experienced home inspector can save potential home buyers literally thousands of dollars in repair cost for deficiencies in the home that were either not disclosed or not evident. This is the answer to why get a home inspection.

home inspectionDuring a home inspection we are able to identify deficiencies which are present in the home and can recognize prior repairs which have been made and in many cases can see the potential for future problems that may exist. We encourage buyers to accompany us on the inspection and to ask questions as we move through the inspection process. This enables us to familiarize you with the house and educate you on the operations and maintenance issues of the various systems in the house.

Our home inspection reports are thorough, clear and concise, with digital photos for added clarity. Reports are delivered within 24 hours, usually the same evening and are emailed to the client in PDF format for fast, easy delivery, printing and storage.

Allow us to help reduce your risk as you make one of the largest purchases of your lifetime. With our experience and desire to complete the most thorough inspections possible, you can rest at ease knowing your new home has been thoroughly inspected. After the inspection, we remain available for any questions or follow up that may be required.


Why Get A Home Inspection?

There are many answers to the question, why get a home inspection. The purchase of a home is one of the largest purchases you will make. It is important that you know as much as possible about this purchase. A home inspector is trained to be able to evaluate the home in detail and give you a report that will allow you to make a good decision about purchasing the home. An inspection report will describe the home in detail and will highlight the areas that are problems. A home inspection is a good idea even if you are already a homeowner. We all get physical checkups – why not give your home a checkup? Many homeowners are living in homes that have serious problems that if identified early can save considerable repair costs. Water leaks can cause serious and costly problems, but if they are caught early can be repaired at little cost. A home inspection will also give you an outline of the routine maintenance that needs to be done to the home. Home sellers will want an inspection to find problems that a buyer’s inspection would have found. The seller can then make the repairs prior to the home going on the market.


When Purchasing a Home When Should I Call For a Home Inspection?

When purchasing a home you will want to have the home inspection within a few days after the purchase agreement is signed. You want to make sure you have a clause in your purchase agreement that allows you to have a home inspection and that you have the right to terminate the agreement if you find the home in unsatisfactory condition. This clause should specify the terms to which both the buyer and seller are obligated.

Should I Be There During The Home Inspection?

We recommend that you are present at the home inspection. A-Z Home Inspections inspectors will allow you to be there and ask questions after the inspection is completed. A-Z Home Inspections inspectors will point out the areas that are potential problems. This is important because you will be able to see for yourself the extent of problems that are sometimes hard for an inspector to convey in a report. Our inspectors will also show you how the heating system works and show you what things will need to be maintained in order to keep the home in good condition.